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This business grew out of my search for vintage doll patterns. I'd find some fantastic old dolls but they either came naked or in some horrible and unsuitable outfit. I'd purchase the doll thinking I could come up with a more suitable outfit.

The new patterns were totally wrong in look and fit so I started searching for vintage doll patterns at doll shows. Somewhere along the way I fell in love with vintage doll patterns. There haven't been too many patterns I've let pass by without snatching up "just in case". Collecting old doll patterns led to an appreciation of old craft patterns and then the graphics on the old baby and children's patterns were so very sweet that I couldn't pass those up either. I've collected hundreds and hundreds of old patterns.

Along my journey I found others who provided copies of old patterns. I was in heaven until I got home and started to use them. The instructions were so small I needed a high-powered microscope to read them and then I found that in many cases the patterns were incomplete or pieces were cut off.

My library of patterns dates from the late 1800's through the 1950's. I have taken many of these old original patterns and have reproduced them so that they are available to collectors and seamstresses to use and enjoy. Patterns are clear to read and, in most cases, the instructions are enlarged and "easy on the eyes". They have all the pieces and come ready to cut & sew. Patterns are reproduced onto 11x17 paper and are delivered in a re-closeable clear plastic bag. (In cases where the pattern is too large to fit onto 1 sheet of paper the pattern is carefully copied in sections and the user will need to combine before cutting fabric. These pieces are labeled 1 of 2, 2 of 2, etc.)

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