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Your privacy is not for sale. We understand how important this information is to you. We are committed to keeping it strictly confidential. Your privacy is not for sale. We will never sell, rent, or otherwise abuse the private information you have trusted us with.


We hate spam too.


We respect your right to privacy as much as we do our own. We have a strict anti‐spam policy that prohibits selling, sharing, or otherwise abusing your email address. We collect it only to serve as your login identifier and to communicate with you about changes to the service, provide you with billing receipts, notify you of new activity on your account, and so on. We may occasionally email you with news about related products that we think will be of interest. You will always have the ability to quickly and efficiently opt out of those communications if you don’t want to receive them.
We value your business and will be happy to answer any and all of your questions.


You can reach us by phone at 530‐891‐5596, or via email at
Old Doll Patterns
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